Vol 2, Issue 6, 2019

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Perception of Financial Variants of Multilevel Marketing Strategy And Growth of Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria
Seun Oladele, Johnson Laosebikan
pp. 1-­20
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.140
 Abstract   Full Text
Result of Development Investment Road Transport Infrastructure in Vietnam
Bui Manh Hung
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.141
 Abstract   Full Text
Impact of Women Development Fund in Generating Women Enterpreneurs: Evidence from Mbulu District Council
Esther Ikasu, Hadija Matimbwa
pp. 31-­39
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.142
 Abstract   Full Text
Identifying Factors Affecting Supporting Industry Development In Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam
Duong Quynh Lien
pp. 40-­48
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.143
 Abstract   Full Text
The Nexus Between Export and Economic Growth in Tanzania
Dickson Utonga, Romanus L. Dimoso
pp. 49-­59
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.144
 Abstract   Full Text
Impact of Financial Resources Utilization on Firm Performance: A Case of SMEs Working in Pakistan
Kashif Abbass, Arsalan Tanveer, Song Huaming, Adeel Akhtar Khatiya
pp. 60-­78
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.145
 Abstract   Full Text
The Role of Absorptive Capacity in The Relationship Fdi and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Binh Dinh Province, Viet Nam
Ngo Thi Thanh Thuy
pp. 79-­88
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.146
 Abstract   Full Text
The Rate of Unionization in the Turkish Tourism Industry
Müjdat Ertürk
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.147
 Abstract   Full Text
Organizing the Accounting Profession: A Theoretical And Historical Examination of The Development of Major Accountancy Bodies in The UK
Cordelia Onyinyechi Omodero
Doi: 10.26677/TR1010.2019.148
 Abstract   Full Text

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